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Friday, 2 December 2011

MiSs YoU SaYaNg!!

This is for you my Sweet Heart!!
Just For My Lover!!

 still remember this text sayang??
" A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T _ V W X Y Z 
oOpss....Mane U??
Oh....!!I Know...U
dihati I lah!!hehe"

sayang nx tahu x...bila ieya dpt msg niewh ieya tersenyum lebar sngt2....lau ownk laen tngok mmg ownk too akn ckp yang ieya niewh Ownk gilew arr....
hehe...tp ieya x ksh,bab ieya nx ownk laen thu yang ieya tgh bahagia@gila nan somone!!
banyk msg syg yang ieya da pdm coz inbox pnoh lawh syg....

"Japanese said "aishiteru",
Korean said "sarang hae yo"
Chinese said "wo ai nie"
Maxico said "ti amo"
Philipines said "mahal na mahal kita"
English said "I love you"
Malay said "aku sayang kamu"
& now I said I love you so much
give to you love"

sayang tau x,msg niewh lagy lawh ieya snyum lebar coz dlm aty ieya "Pandai pkwe ak ckp bsew luar....hehe...
sayang tau x....lau nx d'bndingkan sayang nan yang laen I will Say "YOU'RE THE BEST"!!
The Best In The World!!
ieya xleh nx bayangkan lau sayang tinggalkan ieya.....
ieya xnx smua too t'jadi.....ieya nx sayang ad d'cc ieya tiap masa n tiap ketika!!ieya nx sayang temankan ieya msew ieya tgh terlantar at hospital!!ieya nx syang jge ieya msew ieya da xleh nx wt ap2.....n ieya nx sayang ad msew ieya prlukan sayang!!!

nAdHiRaH aLiA

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